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Ladies Kickboxing

Hugh calorie burning workouts

We know, the gym is boring and you hate going!

It’s a shame so many ladies are being put off exercise because of the monotonous exercise regime they do at the ‘gym’ – so it’s time to shake things up!

Our Ladies Only Fitness Kickboxing and Self Defence classes are the perfect blend of sweating, fun, hard work and laughs. You’ll be learning awesome kickboxing skills (including punches, kicks, knees and elbows) and you’ll have an absolute blast whacking the pads and bags.

There will also be some super-easy self defence moves and tactics to learn, too – all in one dynamic and energising class. Here is what you will be doing in class:


  1. Punches, kicks, knees and elbows – learn how to execute these moves properly with speed and power!
  2. Strength and Conditioning Exercise – essential bodyweight exercises that will help burn calories and tone up.
  3. Bag and Pad Hitting – don’t worry, you won’t be hitting people (or being hit!). Whacking the bags will help you destress and get a sweat on.
  4. Stretching – improve flexibility and overall well being.
  5. Self Defence Moves – learn tactics and moves against grabs, punches and holds.


Our coach, Briony (and her team!) will motivate and inspire you and we are committed to helping you lose weight, get fit, learn awesome kickboxing skills and learn to love exercising.

We also have a nutritionist among our coaching staff, too, who can offer advice about healthy eating.


The classes run on Wednesday and Friday evenings – message us to find out when the next course is starting or when you book a try out class!


 Winspers Martial Arts Centre

Grinnal Business Centre
Sandy Lane Industrial Estate
DY13 9QB

  Telephone: 07979763007