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5 Ways to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet!

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1.Have GOALS

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars – Les Brown.

Decide what you want to achieve this year and write it down. Instead of floating from week to week, not really knowing what you’re doing, have some solid plans and things you’d like to accomplish. Don’t be afraid of failing to hit them, be afraid of setting no goals and hitting that!

The ‘SMART’ method is useful. Take a look.

Specific – Who, what, where, why? Define the goal as much as possible. Who is involved? What do I need to do? Why am I doing it?

Measurable – From and to. Can you track the progress? How much? How many? How will I know when I’ve achieved it?

Attainable – How. Is the goal reasonable enough to be accomplished?

Relevant – Worthwhile. Is it worth doing and will it reach my needs?

Timely – When. What time limit? When’s the expiry date?

For example, this has all the SMART attributes: I want to lose 10 kgs by March 1st so I can fit into a 32 inch waist. Losing weight will give me more energy and set a good example for my children. With the new weight loss I want to increase my physical activity by kickboxing twice a week, whilst running twice a week, too. This will be done by March 1st. I will take an interest in cooking and each Sunday, make sure I do a healthy food shop to last the week.

Try writing your own!

2. Eat Well

In it’s most simple format, you need to ‘Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly Plants.‘ – Michael Pollen.

You know what foods are bad for you (pizzas, chips, deep fried food, chocolate, etc), so it’s about making the time to stock the kitchen with good, wholesome foods. No matter what your goals are for 2018, you need to supply the body with healthy foods.

There are many diets that can help, but by increasing your consumption of plant foods, upping fibre, decreasing alcohol and ditching the weekends of junk-eating, you’ll be making great steps in the right direction.

3. Get Active

This doesn’t mean 10 mile runs at 4am or squatting your body weight 157 times at the gym. Just aim to be active each day. Walking the dog, taking the stairs, a quick stroll around the block – being active is something we should do every day as well as exercise. If you’re currently inactive, then simply make it one of your goals to gradually increase your activity levels.

4. Be Persistent 

If you are persistent you will get it. If you are consistent you will keep it.

Yeah, motivation is weird. Sometimes you have it, sometimes you don’t. When you have it, all is good in the world and your unstoppable. When you don’t have it, life sucks. All progress, however, is made simply by constantly chipping away at your goal. You must be persistent. It is difficult. You won’t always feel like chasing your goal or doing something. Everyone is the same – it’s the just the little extra things that people do (doing something when they don’t feel like it) turns the ordinary into extraordinary.

5. Be Patient

Give it time. Don’t expect your world to change in a week. Hey, it might, but the chances are it’ll be a long drawn out battle. If you fail, dust yourself off and go back at it. Big changes don’t normally occur overnight – all of a sudden you’ll look back and realise how far you’ve come without really realising it. You must keep your head down, keep at it and don’t stress. Be patient and keep the faith.

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