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How To Food Prep


We all know we should eat healthy – but often we don’t have time to.

Enter the world of food prep.

The concept is simple; prepare extra portions of food so that when you’re pushed for time, you have food ready to warm up and eat within minutes.

Food prep can help manage weight, improve health, save time and money and can also help beat cravings.

Here are a few simple steps to get you on your way.


  1. SHOPPING – Obviously you can’t prepare nutritious meals if you have no food in the house. Food shopping should take a prominent position in your weekly schedule. Whether you find it easier to do one ‘big’ shop or a few littler ones, make sure you go
  2. MAKE A LIST – Don’t just head to the supermarket and get whatever is on offer. Pre plan what meals you want to cook and make a list of things you’ll need. This will stop you throwing anything in the trolley and will save you money.
  3. GET SOME GOOD FOOD CONTAINERS – ideally you want food containers that you can store, freeze, microwave and put in the dishwasher. There are plenty available.
  4. GET COOKING – Once you have the ingredients and containers to store them, get cooking!
  5. PLATE THEM UP – This is great for portion control. Instead of cooking a load of food and either wasting it or feeling as though you should eat it to avoid wasting it, you can now divvy the food up between a few meals.
  6. KEEP IT SIMPLE – don’t worry about cooking 6 different recipes. To begin, stick with cooking 1-2 meals. Then, when comfortable, up it to 2-3 recipes for later consumption. If it’s too difficult it won’t work!
  7. DON’T COOK TOO FAR IN ADVANCE – Don’t get carried away and do 64 portions of food and a couple of days after the food is going off. Either freeze it or, if you can, do 2-3 different prep days. Most people use Saturday/Sunday as their shopping and food prep days, but it you can split them up into 2-3 days throughout the week, that’ll increase the chances of food being fresher.

Invest in your health by committing to being prepared – whether that is making the time to go shopping, doing some food prep, or even both.

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 Winspers Martial Arts Centre

Grinnal Business Centre
Sandy Lane Industrial Estate
DY13 9QB

  Telephone: 07979763007