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How To Food Prep

  We all know we should eat healthy – but often we don’t have time to. Enter the world of food prep. The concept is simple; prepare extra portions of food so that when you’re pushed for time, you have food ready to warm up and eat within minutes. Food prep can help manage weight, improve […]

Self Defence For Your Child – What To Do As a Parent

  Most parents bring their child to martial arts for self defence – and with good reason; bullying in many forms, cyberbullying, verbal bullying and physical bullying, are an ever present trouble within schools and within adolescent social groups. The main form of bullying discussed here, however, is the physical form of bullying. Violence. Fighting. Attacks. […]

Lacking Motivation?

Ok, what is the deal with motivation? One minute you feel on top of the world, ready to take on all-comers, and the next – poof! – it’s gone, no where to be seen. Motivation isn’t something you can bottle up and put in the fridge ready for when you need it. It strikes without warning, causing […]

What To Do When Your Child Wants To Quit

What if my child wants to quit? A common question we get from parents is regarding their child wanting to stop their martial arts training. The question, or request, normally goes something like this: ‘Little Johnny has said he wants to quit and I’m struggling to get him out the house – which is strange […]

5 Ways to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet!

  1.Have GOALS Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars – Les Brown. Decide what you want to achieve this year and write it down. Instead of floating from week to week, not really knowing what you’re doing, have some solid plans and things you’d like to accomplish. Don’t […]

3 Simple Tips to Lose Fat!

Almost every person who becomes a student at our martial arts centre has, either as a main goal or a secondary goal, the wish to lose weight – and rightly so; being overweight increases a persons risk of developing certain cancers, stroke and diabetes amongst other serious diseases* Here are THREE simple tips to help […]


Hey member/parent! It is with great excitement that we announce our brand new, state of the art training centre opening Tuesday May 2nd (after May Day Bank Holiday). Here is a YouTube video showing the new centre – please check it out! We are sure you know about the troubles we have unfortunately experienced over […]

How to Be Healthy Over Christmas

  As awesome as Christmas is it is no secret that the season brings a multitude of food and activities that doesn’t do your waistline – or health – any favours. So, to help you through the festive period we have pieced together this little blog post to offer some guidelines. 1. Keep to your […]

5 Reasons Your Child Should Do Martial Arts

  1. Physical Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle: Martial Arts can help children develop a love for exercise and activity. Martial Arts can make children stronger, improve stamina and help develop coordination. The classes will challenge children by encouraging them to use all of their body parts for punching, kicking, doing takedowns, jumping, crawling and a […]

What Do I Eat Before Training?

  This is a question we get asked quite often from complete new-starters through to experienced competitors alike. What you eat before training will depend on what you want to achieve, but if we’re talking about weight loss and – perhaps more importantly – what to eat so you don’t bring it back up over […]