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Category Archives: Adults Training Tips

How To Food Prep

  We all know we should eat healthy – but often we don’t have time to. Enter the world of food prep. The concept is simple; prepare extra portions of food so that when you’re pushed for time, you have food ready to warm up and eat within minutes. Food prep can help manage weight, improve […]

Lacking Motivation?

Ok, what is the deal with motivation? One minute you feel on top of the world, ready to take on all-comers, and the next – poof! – it’s gone, no where to be seen. Motivation isn’t something you can bottle up and put in the fridge ready for when you need it. It strikes without warning, causing […]

3 Simple Tips to Lose Fat!

Almost every person who becomes a student at our martial arts centre has, either as a main goal or a secondary goal, the wish to lose weight – and rightly so; being overweight increases a persons risk of developing certain cancers, stroke and diabetes amongst other serious diseases* Here are THREE simple tips to help […]

What Do I Eat Before Training?

  This is a question we get asked quite often from complete new-starters through to experienced competitors alike. What you eat before training will depend on what you want to achieve, but if we’re talking about weight loss and – perhaps more importantly – what to eat so you don’t bring it back up over […]